Design Challenges with Resorbable Biomaterials

Wed. October 31| 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM | 211B

Conference: MD&M Minneapolis 2018

Track: MD&M Track B: Technical Solutions

Format: 45-Minute

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Resorbable biomaterials represent the ideal material for many next generation device technologies. However, the stable of resorbable materials being used today remains relatively unchanged over the last 60 years. Slow adoption of these new materials stems from many challenges including, technical, regulatory and market hurdles. Today, device design is no longer centered around just repair but also regeneration and the development of new biomaterials will be at the forefront of this new design paradigm. Topics covered include:

  • Challenges in resorbable biomaterial design including material properties and how these properties change during degradation, and material compatibility for controlled release applications
  • Regulatory hurdles for resorbable materials including biocompatibility testing and characterization of degradation products
  • Industrial collaborations with academia to bring new technology to market

Keywords: tissue, blood, cell, metal, ceramic, polymer, cardio, orthopedic, implant


Jeremy Harris, PhD

Jeremy Harris, PhD

Director, Research

Secant Group

Role: Speaker