Write & Test Your C Code Sooner without Hardware

Thu. November 1| 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM | 208C

Conference: ESC Minneapolis 2018

Track: ESC Track B: Embedded Software Design & Verification

Format: 45-Minute

Pass Type: Conference Pass (Paid)

As embedded software people, we all love hardware. It's what takes our software into the real world and turns it into something people can see and touch.

But running and testing software on your target hardware can be painfully slow. That computer on your desk though is pretty good at compiling and running applications of its own. And it's way faster.

In this session we'll look at how to compile and run most of an embedded C software application natively on your host computer.

We'll discuss the mechanics of how to run target code on the host and how unit test frameworks can make this easier. We'll also see how to design your application to make this all possible, including a look at strategies to address common concerns and problem areas.

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Matt Chernosky

Matt Chernosky

Embedded Software Consultant


Role: Speaker