How I Brought Hedley, My Smart Sensor, Linux-Powered Robotic Skull to Life

Wed. October 31| 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM | Engineering HQ Booth 232

Conference: ESC Minneapolis 2018

Track: Engineering HQ

Format: 45-Minute

Pass Type: Conference Pass (Paid), Expo Pass (Free)

In this session we'll explore how I brought Hedley, my robotic skull, to life with a smart machine sensor, a Raspberry Pi, some Arduinos, servos, and a dash of creativity.

Hedley uses the new JeVois smart machine vision sensor and artificial intelligence algorithms to turn his head and track me as I move around in his field of view. The sensor and it's embedded AI software were developed by Prof. L. Itto of USC and is available for around $50. We'll hook Hedley up to the projector and get a first-person view of what he sees, with augmentation from the on-board AI algorithms. I'll share my project motivation, design decisions, fabrication techniques, parts selection, and cover a few one-off topics like his travel box and ideas for enhancing his personality.

Come meet Hedley and learn about the latest developments in off-the-shelf physical computing, AI gadgets, and portable Linux-based embedded projects.

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Rob Reilly

Rob Reilly



Role: Speaker